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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crown WaterFall Braid

 Here is a picture of Crown Waterfall braid I did yesterday - I also added a couple of Pink Ombre Extensions to her hair. She likes to wear her hair down after is has been blown out so this was a great solution to keep her hair out of her way for work later that day without putting it all up.
The multi shades of blonde made the waterfall pieces more striking. I find that having the hair smooth , especially if you have a client that gets fuzzy in the heat of the day, makes these braids easier to do. I used Lanza Smoother as a blow out creme and then I used a small amount of hairdress to keep the pieces tidy. I used Enjoy Molding Paste on this client. If you want to do a double row, I think drying the hair using it's natural texture is better - the rows are not as neat and it gives a more messy romatic feel the braids. Lots of requests on this braid -

Have a Happy Hair Day!!

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