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Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm in a new chair ....... temporarily

So - I had to leave my cozy home of the last 13 years. It was a hard decision because I am like a cat and I despise drastic change. But the Universe had other plans for me and I would rather listen than have it done for me :)

My good friend and fellow hairstylist Wendi Adams of Maxfields Hair Color Group and the brains behind Color Guru's was kind enough to let me invade her studio at Salon Republic for a couple of months while I embark on the craziest but most awesome journey of my career!!

I have decided to open my own hair studio/salon/Atelier/art gallery/building full of awesome! Why would I do such a thing?? Well - no one was offering the kind of space that I needed - in my desired geographic location - that would not require me to jack my service prices up by 200% - where I would not die from chemical asphyxiation. Simple solution - field of dreams style - build it and they will come.

My concept is simple - no ammonia, no formaldehyde, no thio, no lye. Period. It can be done and your hair will be grateful . Your lungs will no longer cry for mercy and your eyes will no longer burn or itch.

There will be beautiful art/ photographs on the walls - from local peeps. This will change out every 8 weeks or so - there will be gallery openings to attend, a garden seating area of sorts and a running Mah Jong game or maybe Mexican Train. Treats will be ever present and there will be tea and coffee.

It will be small - it will always be a place to come hang out - it will be happy and we will recycle.

When will this be happening? I am aiming for January - but it could be February.

For now you can find me doing my low emission thang at Wendi's : Salon Republic (upstairs) 11239 Ventura Blvd Studio City 91604 in Studio 36 which is in the back right corner of the building - you come in the doors - head to the end of the hall turn right and then make a sharp left and into the studio. Marshalls is the big store in the shopping center - Vineland and Tujunga are the cross streets - there is ample free parking underground - the best Japanese Ramen at the stairs - and if you get there before 9am or after 5pm text me for the door code.

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