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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 on a work day

I have to say - I know I went to work. I know I had clients in my chair. I just can't remember anything but disbelief and numbness.

The only memory that sticks with me is how people on the street , in the coffee shop, and the cafe I got my lunch at looked at me directly instead of through me and said Hello. I remember for the week following that total strangers struck up conversations with me wherever I went.

I end this little post with the one quote from that day that makes my heart swell with American pride and makes me tear up whenever I hear it or see it :

 " Are you guys ready? Let's ROLL ! "  -- flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer, just before he and other passengers attacked the hijackers and saved a hit on the White House. September 11

 Now that is AMERICAN !

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pin Up Posies

 I personally can never find hair accessories that I like - especially for my brides that are affordable and will actually last past one use. I will say I have seen quite a few really cool flowers while looking at vintage clothing sites over the weekend, but still - I want what I want.

Pin Up Posies are totally affordable, and interchangeable with a double prong clip, a long roller pin, a long hair pin or just a medium sized sturdy Bobbi pin. I picked flowers that will work in all types of hair and for not just vintage dos. I use a felt backing that I sew embroidery floss into. The felt is hot glued to the flower and in some cases I sew the felt into the flower, the clip has places sewn into the felt to slip into. It just makes them sturdier and easier to attach to different styles

They will vary with the seasons, so what you see is what I have. Makes it more fun that way! They are priced from $2.00 up to $7.00 for the small and smallish medium sizes. $8.00 to $22.00 for the larger medium and large and extra large flowers.

Have a Happy Hair Day!!

Old Hollywood Glamour: Cameo

Old Hollywood Glamour: Cameo

This is a great new commercial for J'dore and I found it on this fantastic blog that I highly recommend for anyone wanting more info on Vintage hair and make - up!

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Love YouTube - Here are some of the jobs I took back in the day

The Cathy Dennis Video - I remember we had a lot of red wigs, and we had to paint the dancers red for some reason. She was super sweet. The title says 1990, but I think it must have been later.

Danzig - oh boy. He was actually really cool to talk to and I got to hang out with Chuck Biscuits which for an old Punk girl was pretty flipping cool. I did the glam make -up and my friend Norman did the very cool special effects. He made the mask to match the cover art.

This one Glen Danzig produced and directed himself. I pretty much did the girl's make up and we did a version of a Skeletor make-up, which I don't really see in this video. I have the Polaroid somewhere.

And, I cannot believe I actually found this, the job I tell all of my clients about.
The one that unequivocally smashed a pie in my face and let me know studio work was not what I was cut out for.  Where, in a most ungraceful manner, I nick named my lead actor Queenie, and used it to address him. FYI - all the other talent was amazing.  Do not feel obligated to watch the whole thing. This one just happens to have more than one actor in it that I did make -up on. These were all a very long time ago - please try not to laugh too hard. I don't want you injuring yourselves! Enjoy XOXO

P.S. I might die laughing - Wow! We took this all so seriously back then.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

NAKED! It's the new black.................

I have been busy researching the latest trends coming up and testing them out -the biggest one being the new Nude tones. Every company seems to have them. I went middle of the road in cost when updating my kit for the Fall.
Urban Decay is by far my favorite new purchase. The colors(virgin, sin,naked,sidecar,buck,half baked, smog,darkhorse,toasted,hustle,creep and gunmetal) are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and by purchasing this palette I discovered that this company is more than just funky nail polish colors. The Kit comes with their clear eye primer and a really nice contour brush.

 I picked up the Naked lipstick and 3 new pencils - Gash (red) and Wicked(nude pink) for lips and Yeyo(white) for eyes and lips. The pencils are waterproof, yet very creamy. They are truly 24/7 wear and I can not recommend them enough. The lipstick is just the best! I can never keep lipstick on - its always been a battle for me. Not so with this product. They don't have a lot of colors to choose from, but what they do have is a good round up of colors for every skin color. Just using the pencils under one of your current lipsticks would be beneficial.

Pretty color and it has a sword on it for all of you pirate lovers.

 I happen to like LORAC a lot and have been using the blushes and lipsticks since she launched, so how happy was I to see this ridiculously low priced set. I blush in Rendevous(all around pink), 2 eye shadows in Negligee (creamy oyster) and Boudoir ( grey taupe), 3 mini couture lip shines in Trendsetter, Muse and Vintage all in neutral tones with pinky bases. PLUS - the cutest lace clutch zip bag to put it all in ! All for $28.00. Seriously!!

The last two things in the new Fall line up in my kit that I am so in love with are Benefits Birthday Suit Creme Shadow - which is what you see on Jennifer Aniston . It is beautiful and stays on all day with or without primer. you can use it as a base or by itself and it works well with the jewel tones that are also cropping up this season. More on that later.

Last, but far from least, I picked up one of the most gorgeous - longest lasting - black eyeliners I have ever owned. The company is called Tarte. They have a current eyeshadow palette out right now that was designed for the True Blood series on HBO. I had never heard of it, but as all things that sparkle - it caught my eye. The pencils especially. I picked up one in Golden Black. The line is called smolderEYES, it is Amazonian Clay and it is beyond waterproof. It goes on creamy and you have a smudge tip on one end of the pencil to feather your line, but you don't have much time. Once the oils in it evaporate, its on until you wash it off with make - up remover. They have several other colors too. This one is my favorite though. I have been using it non stop since I got it. I can get a surprisingly thin line with that fat tip as well.

Here is an example of how the colors wear and read on yours truly since I am my most available model. What I have on is a concealer from Cinema Secrets, Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Tan, Virgin, Naked and Buck for shadow, Yeyo and Golden Black for liner, brows were CiCi pencil in Beige, Big Fatty Mascara by Urban Decay, Rendevous blush for color, La Femme Dark Tan for contrast, on my lips I outlined outside the lip in Yeyo, filled in with Wicked and then used Naked on top. It lasted all day in the salon and I was pretty busy that day. The hair was done in big 3 inch pincurls and brushed out with DuSharme hairdress. The flower is one of my own creations.

I'm also pretty excited that I was put up on the Bernie Dexter website with this look and this dress. Check it out if you get the chance at

Have a Happy Hair Day!!