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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pin Up Posies

 I personally can never find hair accessories that I like - especially for my brides that are affordable and will actually last past one use. I will say I have seen quite a few really cool flowers while looking at vintage clothing sites over the weekend, but still - I want what I want.

Pin Up Posies are totally affordable, and interchangeable with a double prong clip, a long roller pin, a long hair pin or just a medium sized sturdy Bobbi pin. I picked flowers that will work in all types of hair and for not just vintage dos. I use a felt backing that I sew embroidery floss into. The felt is hot glued to the flower and in some cases I sew the felt into the flower, the clip has places sewn into the felt to slip into. It just makes them sturdier and easier to attach to different styles

They will vary with the seasons, so what you see is what I have. Makes it more fun that way! They are priced from $2.00 up to $7.00 for the small and smallish medium sizes. $8.00 to $22.00 for the larger medium and large and extra large flowers.

Have a Happy Hair Day!!

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