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Monday, September 5, 2011

I Love YouTube - Here are some of the jobs I took back in the day

The Cathy Dennis Video - I remember we had a lot of red wigs, and we had to paint the dancers red for some reason. She was super sweet. The title says 1990, but I think it must have been later.

Danzig - oh boy. He was actually really cool to talk to and I got to hang out with Chuck Biscuits which for an old Punk girl was pretty flipping cool. I did the glam make -up and my friend Norman did the very cool special effects. He made the mask to match the cover art.

This one Glen Danzig produced and directed himself. I pretty much did the girl's make up and we did a version of a Skeletor make-up, which I don't really see in this video. I have the Polaroid somewhere.

And, I cannot believe I actually found this, the job I tell all of my clients about.
The one that unequivocally smashed a pie in my face and let me know studio work was not what I was cut out for.  Where, in a most ungraceful manner, I nick named my lead actor Queenie, and used it to address him. FYI - all the other talent was amazing.  Do not feel obligated to watch the whole thing. This one just happens to have more than one actor in it that I did make -up on. These were all a very long time ago - please try not to laugh too hard. I don't want you injuring yourselves! Enjoy XOXO

P.S. I might die laughing - Wow! We took this all so seriously back then.

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