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Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm baaaack

Well, it has been a very, very busy month and I have not had time to finish my Winter series or load you all up on what to buy. It feels like the year ran up behind me , slapped me up side the head and then ran down the street laughing.

This will be my last post for 2011 and I decided to post pictures of some of the things we have seen throughout the year - at least in my chair and from some of the blogs that I follow.

I have taken these images from various sources and got a little crazy pulling them so no credit is being given if I can't recall where I got them from.

Deep brunette and heavy straight bangs

Recreating Anime and Graphic Novel characters on human subjects
Hair by Deirdra 

The retro one piece

Peek a boo color & extreme haircuts

Hair flowers and vivid imagery

Modern approach to finger waving

Master Stylist of the year

Modern vintage editorial

Still one of my most requested cuts 

Never goes out of style - but much more popular this year 

Pin up bangs

Pin up bangs

The lovely Dita wearing a much requested make up

This picture has graced my chair over a dozen times this year

Latest bridal trend

Bridal trend

Marcel waves and what I like to call Suicide Bangs

Marcel Waves

Hair flowers

Hair Flowers

Extreme pigment shadows by

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Airbrush make up


Multiple shades of hair, vibrant reds and Hair Extensions

Hair as Art

Scene Hair 

Cut Crease eye make up

Feather extensions

The trail blazer

The Ombre medium

The Ombre light

The Ombre heavy

The Ombre extensions

Paper eyelashes

Feather eyelashes

The Naked Palette by Urban Decay

Naked make up 

Side braids and Naked Make up 

Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage weddings

Retro fashion and Make up 

Retro playsuits

Retro swimsuits

Popular mens styles for the year

Happy New Year!

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