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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Winter Arsenal of Beauty Products - Part one

This is my current line up of hair and skin care for the Winter. I have really dry skin and as most of you know - if I'm not in the salon, I am outside in the dirt and dust. I use a lot of what you see in the picture year round, but I have to step it up a notch when the weather gets dry and crisp. We just don't have enough moisture in the air here in Los Angeles, and the DWP in its infinite wisdom, seems to always see fit to add even more Chlorine and Lime to our water supply come this time of year.

I want to start by telling you about an amazing product that I have used for years. It is not inexpensive, and I'm sorry that I have yet to find anything quite as good, cheaper. It is by j.f. lazartigue paris ( and, no I did not get lazy and not use caps ). It is the Pre-shampoo Mask with Shea Butter. This one in particular, is for use on dry, normal or thick hair. They do carry another product for use on thin hair,  it is their Soy Milk Strengthening Treatment. The product line is Paraben free.

I'm starting with this one because it is something I believe you should use the night before you will be shampooing your hair. You can apply it to damp or dry hair. You DO NOT want to saturate your hair with this product. You only want to coat your hair with it. A little goes a very long way , and at $48.00 to $51.00 a 6.8 oz tube, that is a big thing to remember. If you do not want to braid your hair and sleep with it in, then it needs to stay on at least 2 hours prior to shampooing.

You can order it online and learn more about the company here . Amazon ,Nigels Beauty Emporium , Sephora and Ulta also have it.

If you just can not make yourself spend that kind of money then you can always use a treatment of some kind in your hair - make sure it is fairly thick and creamy and remember not to over saturate your hair. Some other products I like for this are : Queen Helene Kolesterol Treatment (3.99 at CVS) Miss Jessies Rapid Recovery Treatment ( in the 22.00 range at Target or Nigels) or Mizani has a styling prduct called Butter Rich that would work similarly ( Nigels carries this too.)

Stay tuned for more steps to keeping your hair and skin beautiful through the Winter months.

Have a happy hair day!

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