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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Arsenal - Part Duex

So - now you have greased up your hair, braided it , slept on it and you are more than ready to rinse this crap out of your hair and get your shampoo groove on.

What to use - it's not like your senses are being overwhelmed by an inordinate amount of choices or anything.

I can rhapsodize for days on the pros and cons of oh-so many products that I have used over the years.

To keep it simple I have narrowed it down for you. Be warned - I am a Magpie and I will absolutely be swayed by the next bright and shiny thing - but for this season these are my top picks and what I will be using on you, dear client and on myself at home.

Lets go with the most affordable and also the newest product on the market first. Matrix Total Results .
There are 5 catagories of product - so therefore - everyone is invited to the party. Moisture for really dry brittle hair (over-colored, swimmers, skiiers, equestrians, etc), Colorcare ( for healthy color treated hair), Sleek ( for frizzy or expansive hair) , Amplify ( for thin and limp hair), and Curl (for, you guessed it, curly hair).

The thing that is so great about this product is that you get that shine you see in the ads. So now you have no more excuses for buying Pantene(shudder). It is also only $9.00 a bottle. I checked and we have it 3 to 4 dollars cheaper than non salon places.

2 products of note that pertain to this post : Moisture Cure 2 Phase Treatment, and Miracle Treat 12 Lotion Spray. Both are spray in , leave in products and they are genius!

So - you get in the shower - you get your hair wet and you shampoo with your choice of one of the 5 listed above. You use a conditioner - and depending on what I have told you about your hair you will deep condition once or twice a week. In this line I truly LOVE the Colorcare conditioning Mask. It is around  15.00.

Now onto the fancier stuff, if you so desire. This is in the $35.00 range. Komenuka Bijin .
This is a serious indulgence. It has rice bran, rice germ oil, aloe, seaweed, coconut oil,wheat, swertia,ginsing and sake in it . It is very luxurious and you should ask for it for Christmas.
I only buy it when the weather is going to be very cold and dry. I use it sparingly and I adore it.
Here is how the company describes the Moisturizing shampoo:
A natural nourishing shampoo for all hair types. It helps to revitalize and nourish the hair and scalp while it maximizes thickness and volume. Even using a small amount of shampoo can keep hair healthy and luxurious. The active ingredient swertia herb ensures a deep scalp cleanse and removes dandruff and relieve itchiness from other harsh hair care products. It is gentle enough for babies.

Next up body wash and what to do after the shower!
Have a Happy hair day and stay hydrated!

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