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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bangs! Better than Botox or a late night mistake ?

Our assistant Dima, serves as a daily inspiration to me. She is 22, super cute and can work her hair like RuPaul.

This week she decided that the very cute bang she cut into her hair, just was not going to work anymore.

Enter the hair extensions. If you have the right kind of hair and a thick enough bang, this is a great solution for when you have maybe acted a bit too hastily and grabbed the closest sharp object and applied it to the front of your hair. You know who you are........

13 strands later - this is the result. She will be able to wear these for about 8 weeks before we have to maintain them and by then, she should have at least an inch of new growth. These are individual Italian Standard strands attached with copper cylinders.

In my next post - more on great bangs and how to maintain them.

      Have a Happy Hair Day!

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