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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What the H E double hockey sticks is in your water ?

Blonde that has dulled out, gotten brassy and the highllights look almost green
 My last post inspired me to talk about how to keep your hair looking salon fresh.

 If you are in Los Angeles, there is a whole lotta nasty in the water. First the ever evil "they" add Chlorine( in enormous amounts. Then to combat the Chlorine "they" add Lime( ! WTH? This in turn leaves Calcium deposits all over your shower - you know - that nasty white stuff that reduces you to cleaning your shower every day. Guess what? That stuff is all over you too.
Have you noticed perhaps that your skin appears dryer? Your hair duller? Is your color holding up?

Dull and lifeless
As your hairstylist, I am seeing a big difference in how color is "taking" - meaning how it is lifting or depositing. I am having to clarify the hair prior to a color service. The amazing thing for a lot of clients is that once the hair is clarified they notice an immediate brightening. Their color goes back to normal.

I have been telling my clients for awhile now to get a filter for their shower. Up until now I had been sending everyone to one of the big box stores.

A while back I had a not so fantastic experience where I actually had an asthma attack in the shower. This happened because there was an excess of Chlorine in the water and I had the water super hot as well. Chorine Vapor ( my not so scientific way of describing the experience). This never would have happened if I had just not procrastinated in getting a filter.There is a pretty scary story about Chlorine poisoning at a water park that just happened

Aquasana ( to be having a special on their units so I bought one. I'm never looking back or recommending another brand ever again. Instant relief. Super cost effective. Now I need one for the whole house. I can't even wash my face in the sink. The difference is that dramatic.

There is so much I could pontificate on regarding water hardness, chemicals, acidity and alkalinity - but if you just go to the Aquasana site you can then be armed with all the same knowledge I have and as a big ol' bonus - they are having another special for the month of August that I just found out about yesterday - 30% off all filter systems and free shipping. For the sake of your (my)beautiful hair - check it out.
 If you just want to use products - then go to and stock up. My clients have told me that has the best prices on that product. I'm a big fan of the Crystal Gel , Un Doo Goo Shampoo, Well Hair, and the Swimmers Wellness.We have a couple of kits in my salon  of the Malibu 2000 products.  The filter will make the most overall difference though.

Here is another example of Faded Brassy Color and Dullness that was caused by mineral deposits and coating products: 

brassy roots, faded ends

Have a Happy Hair Day!!!

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