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Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome to my Hair Blog!!

What should we talk about first? I know! How about Organic Color Systems ( non ammoniated permanent hair color!!

 First an example of how beautiful no ammonia can be. This is the stunning Lisa Remillard in one of her PR photo shoots. You can see this color in action at or follow her on Twitter!/LasVegasLisa She is very funny and talks about Me all the time, ha ha.
This is a highlift blonde. No bleach, kiddies. I use a darker blonde done in an Ombre Pattern to achieve the contrast.
No burn, no fade. LOVE!

Another real time example of 3 different levels of blondes in the OCS line:
Candid shot, regular light, Lisa , me a level 8 , and The beautiful Heather a 9 highlight.

Fun Fact: Before OCS, it has been 12 years since I have been able to color my hair all over. Years of color service has created an allergy in me to Ammonia and a sensitivity to PPD. Could be that we were such rebels back in the 80's we never wore gloves, oh wait - that would have been because our nails were so long we couldn't wear gloves. More on that hot mess later. 

OCS can call itself Organic due to the percentage of organic ingredients it uses to formulate it's color line . It is not food grade. Just in case anyone needed clarification on that. It has the highest percentage of Organic ingredients in it on the market ( I believe) and the lowest percentage of PPD - which is the chemical that creates the color change. To learn more about how color works and the chemicals used check here :
That article mentions another color line that I love - but it is available for purchase in Heath Food Stores - and it has a limited range of shades. I tell my clients to use it as an in betweener if they cant get in for some reason. OCS has 54 shades. And - they do not test on animals . 

One more picture and then I am off to work : Check out this Red - this client has super fine hair and nothing has ever been vibrant enough or has it ever stayed in longer than a couple of weeks. We never got what I would say was enough shine until I used this line.

Have a great Hair Day! 


  1. do you know how it compares with Essensity? We are considering both lines, and essensity would be easier to get because we are in Canada. OCS doesn't have any education available for us, and will take a week to get product when we need it.
    Plus they only pay %50 to take our old product off our hands... Any thoughts?

  2. I will know how it compares in approximately one month. My Schwarzkopf rep has been excellent at keeping me updated on the progress of this line and I will be taking the class at the new Los Angeles Training center on October 2nd. I have the color charts already and the promo literature. The colors are really beautiful, no surprise, its Schwarzkopf pigment. I'm pretty excited about testing it out. I will say this - the OCS has the lowest percentage of PPD in its formulas - and I'm not sure, but I'm guessing Schwarzkopf is not going to change it's pigment chemistry.
    The OCS education trends more towards the first class in the Schwarzkopf salon education trio, and does not delve deep enough for my taste into the workings of the color. Matthew Pintato at OCS will, however, spend as much time on the phone with you to help you figure out formulas. He has never steered me wrong.
    Once I take the Essensity class I can fill you in further. I will probably do a post about it.
    OCS is very different than color we have been used to. There is a ritual that must be followed and it takes a bit more time to process. I do love it for my redheads and my highlift blondes. I have so much less fade and so much shine. My clients who have been switched over LOVE it.
    The shipping is a drag - so you really have to stay on top of your stock, but the product lasts a very long time.
    Hope this helps! Thanks for reading!

  3. I think it's actually Matthew Pinto. Anyway - the education director.