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Monday, August 22, 2011

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.........

Ok - old school reference - but if you know me - that's funny stuff......

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The Reese. Hands down - THE most requested "bang" in my hairstyling history - surpassing the Bettie Page
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Other styles making the most requested list you ask?

 The long side swept bang - in various shades...............................

Shorter in the center curving longer around the ends of the eyebrows

And of course the thicker straight across :

My most favorite bang - which of course my face is far too square to wear is this :

Photo courtesy
I'm such a sucker for Vintage inspired styles. The Heart shaped face girls are so lucky!!

So there you have it - the most requested bang styles. There are a few more - but they are very artistic and Bohemian. I love the Scene hair bang(www.scene-hairstyles.coms), and I'm a huge fan of the Suicide Girls( - all of them - current, new and future.

How does one decide about bangs? Bangs are an amazing way to change your entire look without really committing to a life altering snip(see my last post). As you can see from the minimal examples I have provided above - bangs can change everything.

True story: I just recently cut my long layers into a thick straight across bang just under the eyebrow- I added some black extensions to the sides and into the middle of the bang. I go to a party where I know everyone and I am mistaken for the bartender - you know I went with it - Crazy right? Completely TRUE.

Sometimes all you want are just a few pieces in the middle of your forehead. Other times its more of a swept over look you are going for. And then -usually right smack in the middle of a life altering event - you decide Bettie Page is the way to go. No matter what you decide - you can rock it any way you want to. You can even learn how to work your hair and fake some bangs like this vintage kitten:

photo courtesy :
Remember  though, the more precise the bang the shorter the interval will be between salon visits and the less likely you will be able to maintain them your own self. Once you ruin an above the brow bang, there is nothing but bobby pins or extensions in the next four week future. The longer the bang the easier it will be to do an in betweener yourself.

If that is the case - please invest in a somewhat decent pair of haircutting shears - about 4.5 to 5 inch blades. Sallys Beauty Supply( or Ulta( is good and Nationwide. If you are in Los Angeles : Nigels Beauty Emporium( on Magnolia Ave is First, Naimies ( Riverside Drive is Second, Lee's Beauty Supply on San Fernando is Third and Cinema Secrets ( Riverside Drive or Wilshire Beauty Supply( on  Wilshire Blvd tie for Fourth. They don't need to be like mine - just designed for hair - not paper or chicken.

That means - NO pinking shears, cuticle scissors, poultry scissors, scrap booking shears, or junk drawer scissors.

Please DO NOT cut straight across - DO NOT pull them all forward into a little bunch in the middle and cut off the uneven ends. DO NOT - no matter how much wine you have had - think it is a good idea to clean up your fringe in the middle of the night.

Please DO - cut little tiny triangles out of them by angling the shears vertically, and start in the middle and work out from side to side. Then come see me within the next 3 weeks.

This is all good advice unless your hairstyle revolves around your bangs. If that is the case - stay out of your hair and come see me every 2 to 3 weeks. It is painless and usually very amusing, plus you can go get lunch at the Counter( or Sharkys(

That is all I got for now !
Have a Happy Hair Day!


  1. (Laughing!) Definitely caught the chitty chitty, bang bang reference. And thanks for a definitive bang reference! Great stuff!

  2. Thanks Janice!! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for following! I love your hair, btw.